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Terms and Conditions

By submitting and confirming an order, it means that you have agreed and accepted our company's terms and conditions. Not only limited to online store orders, condition applies to orders made via Whatsapp, SMS, Facebook or Instagram.

// Order Process //
Select goods ⇢ Confirming the colour and quantity ⇢ Add to cart ⇢ Select delivery methods ⇢ Fill in recipient information ⇢ Select payment method ⇢ Order complete

// Online Store //

All goods shown in inventory are in stock, pre-order or specified to be ordered goods exempt. All good can be shipped on the next delivery day.

// Order Cancellation //

Changes are not to be made after the order has been made. If there are changes to be made, please do so by completing a new order. Your order will automatically be cancelled if there are no replies or transaction made in 3 days.

// Commodity Description //

Our shop would try our best to ensure to present our products in their most authentic descriptions. All photos are taken by CARRYin in hopes to present their colour to be seen by naked eye. Product descriptions are written by CARRYin. Our company cannot guarantee a 100% colour or size accuracy with our products. Products would be shipped with its original packaging, labels, and product description as. 

// Payment Method //

Please transfer directly to our designated account within 3 days from the order date:

HSBC 匯豐銀行​ Account Number 582-410122-838 ( CARRY IN TRADING LIMITED ) 

BANK OF CHINA 中國銀行 Account Number 012-880-1-091637-2 ( C*** C** L** ) 

MACAU BANK OF CHINA 澳門中國銀行 Account Number 001-824-0-11017-30599 ( C*** W** H*** ) 


PayMe Business ( CARRYin ) 


FPS 轉數快 Phone Number:94049194 ( C*** W** H*** ) 

Customers are responsible for keeping any form of receipt or record as proof of payment, and we will process the order according to the time sequence of crediting.

// Delivery Method //

Our company uses SF Express with a charge of $30 per order, and free shipping included over a specific amount. Shipping days are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

// Disclaimer //

Our company will not take any responsibility for any problems caused by incorrect or improper use of the product. CarryIn reserves the right to modify and revise the price, delivery charges and shopping terms from time to time without prior notice. In case of any dispute, CARRYin reserves the right of final decision.