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CARRYin Green 希望透過介紹不同的常綠植物,例如苔蘚、空氣草等,讓大家能夠入門接觸植物,拉近都市人與大自然的關係。

Provide up to 13 types moss, fern and shrub plants to choose from. Each participants can build your own terrarium with our guidance. You can learn to design your terrarium and how to take care of of it.

CARRYin Terrariums are made of 4 to 6 differerent species of moss, fern or surub. Each terrarium has a LED light and a fan to give the plants inside enough light and wind. There are two sizes to choose from: 10cm / 15cm.

Tillandsia Xerographica

Long roots will grow at the bottom, and the leaves will curl and stretch in response to the amount of water. Tillandsia Xerographica is a species with medium-sized but thick-leaf, and absorbs water in the air with thin scales on the leaf surface. It can be sprayed directly every two to three days on dry weather. You can also water the plants by submerging them in a bowl of water every week or two in the summer and once a month in winter. But be sure to shake the plants after watering them and allow them to dry so that no water pools between the leaves. The color of the leaves will vary depending on the environment, from pale white to grass green are normal. But be aware that excessive accumulation of water will cause black stems and leaves to recede, which is not a good sign.